Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sure, it's been a long time. Maybe you even thought that it was dead forever! Or at least turned into a blog about unemployment! But NO!

Phaea's Blog Lives Again!

And to celebrate it's resurrection here is a list of things that I think should be laid to rest forever:

- The phrase "side-boob". My boyfriend and friends tell me it's a really awesome thing, but it never doesn't creep me out. The phrase I mean. The actual boob situation always make me think there was a taping malfunction.

- Celebrities who are anti-women being super vocal in gay rights movements. Lady Gaga, who told Entertainment Weekly that she wasn't a feminist and Joe Francis JOE FRANCIS both have spoke and marched at Gay rights rallies. Obviously, I am pro-gay rights...but guys...ladies are people too.

- Yahoo mail changing it's format every 2 weeks to try to be more like gmail and twitter. I know, it serves me right for still being on yahoo mail, but does my loyalty get me nothing?

- America's Next Top Model. Because it is designed to be addictive and last night it was in my dreams. And I was a confused contestant. And Tyra Banks told me that she used to have my hair cut but she was over it. It was..unsettling.

- Michael Jackson drama. I acknowledge that I am the only human on earth who wasn't into his music, but I just can't do it anymore. I am so tired of it I read a whole article on Mindy McCready and I don't even know who that is.

- Bar trivia nights that take 4 hours. You know who you are.

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