Monday, December 01, 2008


Lots of people have been "asking" me why I haven't posted since Oct. The answer of course is that I was called into action by my country to train monkeys(on an island) to be able to recognize important pop culture stories and write "email blasts" and "twitter explosions" about said stories.

And now even though these "monkeys" will put many many bloggers out of work, (aha you sport blog writers say, "sports are NOT pop culture I am safe!"- alas, I must remind you that sports were officially declared pop culture by the New York Post in 1986), it was my duty to my beloved mother land (Macedonia) and I had to serve my time.

It's treason otherwise people.

But I am back and soon I will be posting again to fill your days with the one remaining blog that survives the monkey scourge, ala Forest Gumps shrimpin' boat, Jenny.

Good Day.

(can anyone tell I've been reading John Hodgman? I can!)

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