Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have made two (2) mix cds for Justin, my handsome boyfriend. This weekend we listened to both of them while driving around in Northern New York, and I realized that my roladex of music is shockingly small. In fact, I only listen to about 17 bands. In total. They are:

1) Ween
2) The Scissor Sisters
3) Gnarls Barkely
4) Neil Young- Harvest only
5) Nick Cave- 10 songs only
6) The Chef Aid South Park Album
7) Lovage, a rando album Mike Patton put out
8) The Simpsons Album
9) Weird Al Yankovic
10) Los Doggies- a band from New Palz no one knows
11) The Kinks
12) 3 songs by Patti Smith
13) 4 songs by The Talking Heads
14) Musical BBQ- the Space Ghost Album
15) 20 various other songs by various artist from the early 80's New York Scene.
16) Spike Jones
17) Frank Zappa

And that is all.


Any other music on my ipod is a mistake. This realization is both shocking and also pathetic. But I am pretending it makes me some kind of a savant. And I am good with that.


Abbi said...

Does Ween sing "Teenage Dirtbag"? If so I saw them in concert in DC while I was in college. I happened to see them twice, as they later opened for someone else. Both times there was a girl who got on stage to sing the female part of Dirtbag, and I think she wore socks on her hands.

Abbi said...

PS: That girl was you.

natalie said...

Dude, I only listen to like 15 - 20 albums (yes albums, some are soundtracks because I am dork)...savants together?

Shatraw said...

weatus sings teenage dirtbag. ween sings "waving my dick in the wind" and "mister will you please help my pony?"

believe me, there's a difference.

Abbi said...

LOL. Maybe I saw Wheatus opening for Ween opening for a rusty weather vane squeaking in the wind (not a band name. Actual weather vane).

obsidian moonyap said...

Nick Cave: Murder Ballads?

Baseball funtimes tonight?

Burn me a copy of that Mike Patton album and I'll give you some more of his rando projects.

Hi Shatraw! Still trying to get you a job, keep your legs crossed!