Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So all I can muster is a top 10 list of the best subject lines from my spam inbox:

10) Live in harmony with two wives

(Thanks for the advice!)

9) Increase your male machinne and you will sex hero
(Sex hero IS a verb!)

8) Your giant jang will rule the world

(What kind of leadership does it offer?)

7) Your rod is set to conquor

(All set!)

6) College girls caught romping in dorm
(Those college girls! They were suppose to be in lecture!!)

5) Topless olson twins

4) This wonder supplement increases your length, girth , as well as ejaculate volume.
(Finally, a spammer sick to death of poor spammer grammer.)

3) Stickiest.
(That does not sound positive...)

2) Fill in your life with colors of gladness!
(And that color is meth.)

1) Do you know the difference between small instrumment and huge one
(Like a flute vs a tuba? Yah...I think I can know that.)

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