Thursday, March 27, 2008


I don't know if I am the proper type of wordsmythe needed to best describe what I saw today on Manhattan Ave, but I am going to give it a shot in my best Massachusetts talk to make up for my lack of eloquence:

So...yah, you fahking, you fahking, you know how like Bus's are all like, wicked big and what not? Like buses are like really big vehicles and when they are coming driving down 'da street at you, you ah all like....oh shit...that's big and all commanding and shit:
Well, I was fahking in the cross wok and I was like...looking at the bus like get passengers on it and shit, and then it pulled out back into traffic, a little bit, OK? and then there was like fahking, tiny little itty bitty honking noise and the big ass bus was like...BRAKES!!! and all stops and is all whoa!! And around from the corner comes this mothah fuckah:
All like....dinky dinky doo!! I was like...dude...that is fahking funny right there.

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