Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My oft forgotten quest for the perfect slider took my associate Becca and myself to a small joint 'round the corner from FAO Schwartz called "Pop Burgers." There are two things about this place that makes it one of my favorite slider places ever: 1) there is a secret and super expensive bar upstairs call "Pop Lounge" and 2) You can buy two sliders for $5 and take them in a neat box as you walk to the train.

Pop appears to be really really new, and thus really really badly run, which makes you, the customer, feel extremely efficient in retrospect. For example, there were a staff of six running around behind the counter in panic and only two costumers, there is a burger on the menu called "the invisible burger" with no explanation ($7), and when B and I ordered a pair of sliders and one veggie burger, the girl decided to order 4 sliders for us instead. If I wasn't such a math genius and caught the mistake after we paid (two orders of sliders = $10, one order of sliders + veggie burger = $12) we would have been knee deep in sliders that only one us could enjoy (me).

Regardless of our rocky experience, the sliders were great. Good bun, MR, melted cheese, Russian dressing(!) and a single slice of plum tomato atop. A+ Pop.

(Pop Burger is on 58th between 5th and Madison.)

Also, here is a picture of Becca and I on our first day at work together:



Anonymous said...

What's a slider?

Phaea C. said...

Its a mini burger. Like white castle, only with out the gastro-intestinal issues.

Shatraw said...

i suggest the anti-slider: a half-pound of juicy burger deliciousness and a bun that may as well be sponge bread.

paul's -- 2nd ave b/t st. marks and 8th.


i recommend the blue cheese burger with fried onions. throw some pickles on there. or cheddar chili burger. you'll need to eat that with a fork.