Friday, January 25, 2008


There was something about this letter that just makes me feel so much better about myself:

Computer Nerds Are People, Too!

DEAR MARGO: I know plenty of men who are great guys with excellent jobs, who nonetheless have a hard time meeting women. Why? Most women pass by us computer nerds not realizing: We are educated; we have money; we are attentive and fun.

I have a friend, "Dave," who yearns for a girlfriend but cannot get a date to save his life. Dave's biggest complaint is that once women find out what he does, they tend to lose interest (Dave works tech support). And there are others I know in the same boat. Now, these guys are not Brad Pitts, but they are pretty average in my eyes. I am married -- but my wife is also in IT. I think women who want to find a great guy need to overlook some geekiness and see us techies for who we are. Yes, we enjoy "Star Trek" and watch anime, but we also enjoy stimulating conversation and appreciate smart, fun women.

Women looking for good guys need to go to a "Star Trek" or comic convention because there are plenty of single men with great jobs who are just aching to meet a nice woman.

Just my two cents' worth.


DEAR LUCK: I'm running your letter as a public service for women who are looking. I am not sure, however, that I buy your argument that a man's profession can put the kibosh on his romantic chances. Funeral directors, for example, don't seem to have trouble getting women to say yes. (Don't ask me how I know this.) My instinct is that it's the guy, not the job. But tell Dave I'm rooting for him and hoping the geek shall inherit the earth.


Hahah! Nerds think that money will get them a girlfriend. Hahahah! "Aching" to meet a nice woman! Hahahah!!! Tech support guys! Hahahah!!!!!

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Shatraw said...

lucky geek totally undid his entire argument by insisting women seeking husbands should attend cons of any kind.

i've been to those. everyone is in costume. and if they aren't, it's because their acne medication forbids it.

y'know, except me: i'm totally good looking and was dressed normally. i was like the actual hot guy at comic-con this year. they gave me my own booth as soon as i walked in the door. sarah silverman and brian posehn actually asked for MY autograph. (jay johnston was just being a douche.) it was awesome.