Thursday, October 04, 2007


About 2,700 safe from S. Africa mine.
Apparently, South Africa’s saving-people-from-collapsed-mine technology is light years ahead of our own.

Judge denies Craig motion to revoke guilty plea.

Adds “Look, your plea was born that way. You just need to accept your plea and let us all move on. ”

House OKs bill to prosecute US contractors in Iraq.
Apparently if you send contractors over seas they gun down dozens of Iraqis….and still won’t return your phone calls about your half finished bathroom renovation.

Sputnik was 50 years ago.

“When President Kennedy announced the moon landing program, Korolyov rushed to Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev to seek funds to compete with the Americans. But Khrushchev saw a moon race as a waste of money: "Nikita Sergeyevich didn't want to take part in the moon race. Food and housing were the top priorities."”- Yahoo News
Ha, Ha, Ha. Food and housing! Ha, ha, ha. We own the moon.

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