Thursday, July 12, 2007


Does anyone else remember the 1994 movie The Paper?

It pits Glenn Close against Michael Keaton as head editor and editor on a NY Post type paper. The climax of the movie revolves around the headline making story of two blacks guys who are accused of shooting two white guys in Williamsburg. The black guys are caught and charged, but Michael Keaton, being a hot shot reporter, has done his own investigating and is SURE that they are innocent and wants the head line to say THEY DIDN'T DO IT!! But Glenn Close says there is NOT ENOUGH PROOF that the guys didn't do it and demands they run her head line instead: GOTCHA!

Which is a funny head line. Or was it? The joke ended for me today when I saw the front page of the NY Post:This goes beyond life imitating art. This is life imitating art which is actually a parody of its self. God lord, I love being alive!

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Chris Serico said...

Two scenes from that movie were filmed at my newspaper's main office. :)