Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Recently my friend Justin and I began a quest for the best sliders in the city. Location One: PS 450 in Murray Hill. The picture online made it look like it was a bar that 1) really enjoyed "red: the power color" 2) was possibly completely covered in velvet and 3) took its self VERY seriously as an after work locale. All in all, if the menu hadn't offered $10 slider platters, I would have rather just gone to Blue and Gold and drawn pictures of sliders, whilst nursing a PBR can. BUT fortunately there WERE $10 slider platters (in burger, cheeseburger, BBQ burger, and pulled pork) so Justin and I showed the bouncer (at 7pm mind you) our ids and tripped inside.

Inside PS 450 everyone looked like this:

And Justin and I looked like this:

Which was awesome. We found a seat in the back away from the aggressive office groups staggered by the bar and ordered two (2) slider samplers and beer. Justin played it safe and got a Corona, while I had to be all fancy and order a Stella draft. When I was served a bud light draft minutes later, I understood that it was my fault. Both beers cost $6. The slider platters arrived and I have to say, they were some of the best I've had. The bread was on the challah side of the world, and toasty. The burgers themselves were about half an inch thick and no frills-perfect (maybe a few onion chunks) and served with huge tub 'o' ketchup.

Sad to say, the best of the bunch was the Pulled Pork slider, which is not a slider at all, and there for fucks up the whole plate. But it was a Carolina sweet BBQ style of pork so I stuffed the whole thing in my mouth and considered myself lucky. More beer (an actual Stella this time) added to the experience and we ended the night with two jack Manhattans, which is a drink that no one ever has any business ordering unless they feel left out from all the other patrons Cosmopolitans and French Martinis. Which we did.

Highly recommended.

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