Friday, July 13, 2007


Last night after a night of light drinking and improv I was riding the 7 train into Queens blissfully reading the L Magazine's Fiction Issue (which is splendid ) when the women sitting next to me tapped my shoulder. I turned my head to look at her (middle aged, business woman eyeliner, randomly assigned the ethnicity of "Armenian" by my brain) and she made a slight gesture with her fingers to the seats across the way. I turned oh so subtly and saw two guys sort of asleep, leaning into each other. "Yah," I thought "That's adorable, but is it really worth pointing out to me?" She saw that I didn't "get it" so she pointed again, more in the direction of the sort of sleeping man across from me. I tried to look at him really hard to make her happy and then I noticed it....the thing I've heard about but never seen....the right of passage all New York Women must go through to:

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, he had a camera phone between his legs and he was trying to take pictures up my skirt.

At last I have arrived!

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