Thursday, December 15, 2011


My parents are both very into art and when they come to visit they often take me to museums to gaze, discuss, and enjoy. I like art ok but as I don't hold the same level of enthusiasm as my parents I often need to find something to hold my interest. Like, finding art with dogs in them! 

This little dog by Joan Miró (Woman and Dog in Front of the Moon, 1893) may look like a cat but he's all ready to shake! Maybe even howl at that moon? 

This busy little hound (Disc with running dogs surrounding a mountain goat, Transcaucasia 1st -3rd Century AD) is ready for a run in the park OR up a mountain!

This scrappy mutt (Street Scene in Paris, Félix Vallotton, 1895) has all the detail she needs to prove she's a cuddlier! Je m'appelle le CUTE!

Awww! This doggie (The New Bonnet, Francis William Edmonds, 1858) lives in Bronxville, NY and loves to smell anything he can! And by the tuck of that tail, some one's shoes could use with a changing! 

This holy dog appears to be a collie/terrier mix (Christ Carrying the Cross, with the Crucifixion; The Resurrection, with the Pilgrims of Emmaus, Gerard David, 1510) and loves Jesus. Don't worry girl! He'll be back!

My best guess is that this hard working boy (Diana and Actaeon (Diana Surprised in Her Bath, Camille Corot, 1836) is a pointer helping his mistress to "accidentally" walk in on the goddess Diana. Don't worry Diana, my dog does that to me all the time!

Bulldog alert! This E.B (Chance Encounter at 3 A.M, Red Grooms, 1984) loves going for walks at night and with that physique who could blame him? Gotta stay slim for the ladies!

This sweet girl with a smile on her face (Cider Making, William Sidney Mount, 1841) almost looks like a Basenji mixed with a Chihuahua to me, but I know for sure about one thing: She's 100% adorable!

This shaggy sheep dog mix (Madam George, Auguste Renoir, 1878) is good with children and being lovable. It looks at the viewer as if to say "back off or you'll feel what pain really is", but you get the feeling she could be won over with a biscuit or two.

All these buddies are viewable at the MET in New York City. Check them out for yourself! They are a lot less disturbing then the dogs at MoMA....

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jennyklane said...

Art needs more pups. Life in general needs more doggies. Everyone would be much happier.