Thursday, July 14, 2011


When I find something that I like, I don't just have a little of it. I have so much of it that I smother myself in it until I get sick and can't look at it ever again. Just ask my husband! (rimshot)

Most recently it was spinning classes. Then it was nutella. Today it is something even more dangerous because of it's innocuous nature:

Sugar Free Italian Ice. 

It all started when Uncle Louie G's ice cream shop[pe] moved into the building around the corner. My husband and I figured, great! Convenient ice cream right around the corner! What a nice thing to have for a special treat. 

The first time we tried it was on July 4th. I tried the Rocky Road Rage and Justin had something boring. The ice cream was meh. But it is ice cream, so obviously I wanted to go back for more.

Several days later -- a Sunday I believe -- Justin was out running errands and I was lounging around the house/cleaning intermittently. I felt the urge for an ice cream coming on my so I texted him "let's get ice cream!" I can't remember what he texted back because my urge was so strong I decided not to wait for him. The next thing I knew a small Soprano Spumona was in my hand. It was meh. But I ate it all because it was ice cream.

Later Justin came home and asked me if I still wanted to get ice cream. I realized that there was no way he would know that I already had ice cream that day and I could in fact get a second ice cream. I was about to go for it until my higher power intervened and suggested I try a boring sugar free italian ice instead. So I went for it in the shape of a small Lemon. 

In the past I would never bother with Italian Ice. If I was going to be BAD (IE eat sugar) why not be REALLY BAD (IE eat sugar, cream, dairy, fat, and chocolate). But as soon as that first spoonful of sugar free ice hit my tongue I was hooked. It tasted as advertised, like lemony ice, but it wouldn't make my stomach bloat (sugar), skin itch (chocolate), nose run (dairy) or cellulite grow as much (fat). I know there has to be SOMETHING bad in there that causes cancer or is the bad kind of carbs or something, but I didn't care. All I knew was that this was a tasty treat that didn't make me sick. I was hooked. Bad.

Here's how the week has gone:

Sunday: 1 sm. s.f. lemon italian ice
Monday: amazingly none
Tuesday: 1 sm s.f. rainbow italian ice for dinner
Wednesday: 1 sm. s.f. tangerine italian ice (not from Louie Gs! I came across a place in the city and bought one at 4pm!), 1 sm. s.f. cherry italian ice
Thursday: The day has just started but I suspect all three meals will be replaced by s.f. italian ices. 

Besides the fact that I so clearly have no self control, there MUST be a down side to these icy treats. Calories certainly. But is that the worst? Does anyone know? Not that it matters because I'm deep in right now. By next week I'll be seeing the world from below the floor like Trainspotting. 

Ah well. It's a sweet way to go. 

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