Monday, May 23, 2011


Instead of "conversations". Get it? Great. 

This weekend my Husband took my to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert. (Fun fact: "Weird" Al is literally the only person I will ever see in concert!) We were dressed like this:

Fun Fact #2! This is literally the worst picture of me ever taken!

We are fun people!

As we stood in the lobby waiting to take our seats with all the other 13 year old boys a young man approached me. He was stocky, spotty, and greasy. In his hand he held a stack of magic cards. He was about 20 year old. I liked him immediately. 

NERD BOY: I admire your outfit. You really dressed up.
ME: Thanks! I dress this way every day just in case a Weird Al concert randomly breaks out.
NERD BOY: To prove that you are a real nerd I will greet you with the salute from Red Dwarf.
(Nerd Boy performs the salute from Red Dwarf.)
ME: Oh, I never really got into Red Dwarf because my loyalty for 80's English comedy really fell more on the side of Black Adder and the Young Ones. And I saved my sci fi love for Dr. Who.
(Nerd Boy stares)
NERD BOY: (with Red Dwarf salute) Red Dwarf.
Nerd Boy walks away. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, that guy!

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