Monday, April 25, 2011


Someday I'd like to design a video game. Until then I plan to pitch video game ideas to the Internet in the hopes that the Internet will catch them, program them, and hand them back to me in the form of a cartridge or "card". 

Today's game is called "Real Estate Rampage!"

It's partially a puzzle game where you, a real estate broker, match a variety of apartment seekers with the perfect apartment, I.E: 3 hipster roommates match a 2 bedroom (one will sleep on the couch) over a taco joint off the G train! A professional party planner and a broker couple match a 2-room luxury apartment on the Upper East Side just because it has a door man!

The twist? ALL THE APARTMENTS ARE HAUNTED WITH GHOSTS AND MONSTERS AND YOU ARE AN EXORCIST/REAL ESTATE BROKER! For example, you'd put a college student with flame-thrower arms into a Bushwick studio that's haunted by Scarecrow-Fiends! Or a blue collar dude with telekinetic powers into an Astoria apartment haunted by Utensil-steins. ( A Frankentstein's monster that's made out of utensils. Duh.)

Please send illustrations of Scarecrow-fiends and Utensil-steins and we'll design this one together.

Also, I took that photo from, which probably gave my computer a virus. 

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Kablack said...

You're my hero. God bless you, you magnificent bastard.