Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just as I lose my love for RuPaul's Drag Race (or "RuPaul's Androgyny Race / America's Next Bully Super Star) and almost swear off reality shows for ever I read this press release: 

Not only is Ice-T my favorite rapper turned actor NOT JUST BECAUSE OF Law & Order: SVU, but because of this:

...but I love Coco and her "this is my ass and this is who I am!" attitude. 

You may think that as a feminist I might have a problem with the above picture. I do not. I love her and this picture. Her tweets are funny and she loves Ice-T. Done. I'll support her to the end of the earth although I may never buy one of her calendars. 

The reason I love this couple so much is so much explained by this line:

Even more then Coco's booty, I adore committed couples that just love each other all over. (Except the Pinkett-Smiths. CREEPY.) 

I think that I will make it my mission to live blog each and every one of these episodes. Anyone wanna make a Ice loves Coco viewing club with me?


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