Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Four out of five times that I declare my love for L&O:SVU the person I am speaking to agrees, wholeheartedly. The fifth person is a man. 

I have heard L&O:SVU be called sweatpants for the brain, heard husbands declare that L&O:SVU on TV is a guarantee that they will not have sex that night, and heard gay and straight woman both declare they would make love to any member of that cast. All of these things are true. 

Whether Stabler and Benson are throwing perps against walls, Cragen is asking to speak to someone for a minute, or Dr. Warner is popping in from off camera saying "actually, the baby was alive before it was murdered",  I am in heaven. 

I can't even truly explain why I think this show is so good. First of all, the crimes are disturbing. Second of all, the stories often seem like the writers looked up, saw they had to deliver a script in ten minutes, brainstormed out loud for 30 seconds (Twincest! The sisters is actually not dead, she's in Deleware!), and then turned it in without proofreading. Third, it REALLY makes it seem hard to put a rapist in jail. 

But the actors, oh dear god, the actors. B.D Wong can DO no wrong. I want to always be sitting in Mariska Hargitay's lap. Chris Meloni's eyebrows deserve their own line of credit. Ice-T should have his own channel that's just him staring at you. I've had dreams about Richard Belzer. I want to book an appointment with Tamara Tunie and that would mean I'd have to be dead. 

I'm so grateful that I can almost watch my beloved show at anytime of the day thanks to marathons. Have you ever tried L&O:SVU in the morning? I have. There is no better way to start your day then with a coffee and A.D.A Alex Cabot. 

Unfortunately, it's a rerun tonight. But the next time L&O:SVU is new, I am going to live blog it. Because only then can I truly express my dead, disturbing obsession with that show. 


Stabler: Doc, is our victim awake yet?
Doctor: I hope not. She's in the morgue.


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