Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I know I'm in bad shape with the whole not working thing when I start envying the workers at Target. I noticed that the garden section had moved and thought "wow, that would be so much fun! Moving purchasable items around by section! Something new every day!"

Here is how I spent my day:

10am- wake up as cat yelled at me.
10:05am- eat cereal watched 5 episodes of "Rhoda" recently added onto Most exciting moment? When Joe says "They are tearing Coney Island down!" "Wow,", I think "The '70's and today in NYC are so similar!"
1pm- Drag myself to get a large ice coffee. I realize it's a nice day out (cloudy and breezy!) so I decide to walk around the park.
1:10pm- 2pm- I walk around the park. I discover there is a "tree walk" with plaques. It's great, especially when the plaque on the White Oak is worn away, but even better when there is a plaque for the Japanese Zelkova but no tree. If it had been there it would have been "vase shaped". Trees are awesome. I linger on the idea of becoming a Park Ranger, but I am discouraged with the plainness of the uniform.
2pm- Watch "Rhoda" on I wanted "My Life on the D list", but I can't find whole episodes online.
4:00- Inexplicably make mac and cheese with arugala.
4:30- Trip to Target (cat food for the little bastard cat who won't eat anything. also, he and I now lie on the couch for the same amount of time all day...I think he might be depressed...)
5pm- Eat rest of the mac and cheese. That's right. I ate a whole box. When Justin came home I offered some to him and then ate it anyway. He ate a bowl of cereal later.
6pm- 7:30pm- "Rhoda"
8pm- 10pm- Rehearse Dorks on the Loose. I am terrified that we have two weeks. Many rewrites needed. Plus our director wants us to have costumes!! What?!
11pm- Arrive home. Conive Justin into doing my dishes. Is that how I use that word?
12am- Anticipated sleepy time.

I know some day I will look back on this time and reflect fondly on the freedom I enjoyed. Or at least those memories of Valerie Harper. Those last forever.

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natalie said...

Your cat isn't depressed. He just LOVESS sleepy time with you! (My cats sleep alll day lately...a summer thang?)