Sunday, April 12, 2009


Last night was the best sleeping ever. I feel asleep at 130am and had to wake up at 930am. But first I woke up at 7am, and went back to sleep knowing I had two and a half hours more to sleep (or the sleeping equivalent of a chocolate cream pie). THEN I dreamed about kittens and dogs and woke up and it was only 8am! Weee!!!! I feel back to sleep and woke at 845 which still gave me 45 minutes to lay in bed and feel good about myself.

Sleeping is my third favorite thing in the world. Because it is awesome.

In similar news, I got a massage yesterday and the therapist told me I was really good at relaxing. AKA - great at getting a massage.

I am better then you.


Anonymous said...

And your first two favorite things are…?

stacey said...

I was gonna ask what your 2nd favorite thing is.
It's good to have skills. And to be proud of those skills.

Phaea C. said...

Family and Comedy of course!