Friday, April 10, 2009


Hey, I'm G Train. I represent all dat is wrong with the MTA and so I wanted to take this time on dis blog to talk about some of da things dat we fuck up every day whiles you is riding your trains.

Like, for example, last night when you got on an A Train going local to Brooklyn, and then hey, at W. 4th da trains like, I'm goin go over the F line to Jay St/Burrough Hall! Which hey, is ok with you cause you live two stops from there so when the A turns back into an A you will be home, right? Well then you get to the first stop in Brooklyn (York) and you is all, wow this is a big empty station...and then the train is like, oh btw LAST STOP IS BORROUGH HALL and so you go, ok I could 1) Take the shuttle bus at 230am in downtown Brooklyn 2) get out in Dumbo and try to find a cab or 3) Get off the train and ride all the way back to Manhattan and switch to a D train that will at least get you within walking distance of your apartment in Ft. Greene.

So, you get off the train and wait for an uptown F to Broadway/Lafayette, 5 stations away. Then you get to Broadway/Lafayette and then you wait and wait and read 100 pages of "Mystic River" and then finally a D train comes and takes you to Atlantic/Pacific, which is only a 10 minute walk from your apartment. At 3am. So you call your boyfriend and wake him up and make him talk to you while you walk home because it's 3am and dark out.

Like that kind of example.

Oh yah! And then today a wiener dog was sitting on the only available seat on the train. I guess he had a long day of work on his feet in front of him.

Well, dat's about it. Sorry I lost my accent in that speech. Sometimes when I get super angry and complainy I talk all neutral.

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