Thursday, January 08, 2009


Some say that a lot of couples relationships will change when they move in together. Since Justin and my relationship was based almost entirely around Instant Messenger before he moved in with me, you would probably guess that the IM convos have stopped.

Well let's just say the passion isn't extinguished yet. Here is a conversation we had JUST YESTERDAY about Bruce Willis:

me: why cant Bruce Willis be happy and married?
Justin: he was. then he and demi brokesed up
me: i know! I am so sad.
maybe he doesn't like the marriage.
(he records albums of music)
Justin: yeah he does
me: (I am so worried for him)
Justin: i think he'll be all right
me: ok.
Sent at 2:57 PM on Tuesday
Justin: you wantto call him?
just to check in?
me: kind of...
I don't want to bother him.
Sent at 3:00 PM on Tuesday
Justin: maybe it'd do well for him to hear from you
me: maybe.....
Justin: we'll take him out for a drink this weekend. that'll cheer
him up probably
me: ok!! thanks Justin! you're the best.
Justin: no problem
me: Ill call him right now!
Justin: hey, he needs us
me: I agree.
he says he doesn't know who I am and how did I get this number....
Justin: oh. we forgot we don't know him
me: me too.
well you an take me out for a drink this weekend.
Justin: not without bruce
me: ok.
Sent at 3:05 PM on Tuesday

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