Friday, January 02, 2009


'round the Shatraw/Crede house hold we have a tradition for the end/beginning of the year: Watching Die Hard movies.

This year we started out with Die Hard: With a Vengeance because, as Shatraw said, "It's set in New York", and hey, that's where we live. We followed this up with Die Hard (the first one), set in LA. I have never seen the Die Hard movies before because I spent the past 27 years watching Black Adder and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels over and over.

I acknowledge that I am the last human on Earth to watch these movies, (we watched most of Die Hard last New Years and Live Free and Die Hard over Thanksgiving) , so I will not go on and on about how great John McClane is and how much I love evil Germans, because you guys already know. Much better then I do.

So I will just post this music video, which is about 4 years old, primarily so I can access it easily to watch over and over and for the 1% of you that have not ever seen it.

Now I am finally in on the joke.

Happy New Year!!

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Megan B said...

phaea, i owe you a debt. this is the best thing ever. i've never seen this. i love it so much i think i'm going to cry. hans... bubbe...