Wednesday, September 10, 2008


As some of you might know I am delightfully unemployed at the moment having been released from my bizarre and pathetic TV production job last week. I will spare you the details of my firing, although they were epic, just because I know that my ex-boss obsessively checked my blog in the past to find insults about him or herself written with in and I don't want to deal with the 300 pissed off emails that would ensue :)

Being unemployed rules. The only downside is the lack of money! I don't mean that sarcastically at all. Money is important but so is being happy, not wanting to slap people, having the freedom to see a movie in the middle of day and of course, drink a beer at 5pm, like I am doing now.

The other great thing is that you notice all these things you missed because you were never around for them! Here is the greatest one so far:

My landlord, Janusz, has a good buddy, who is also Polish. I will call him Jerzy, which I have just learned from a google search is a popular Polish name. I think Janusz was a solider at some point because he has a tattoo of a sexy lady (60 year old people + sexy lady tattoo = solider, circa: Phaea's World) and I think his buddy was too because he has the beard, hair and clothing style of the hippie side of Vietnam Vet. Janusz would be the Midwestern version, IE cleaner cut, beefier, friendly, vet. Anyway, those are all assumptions. Here are the FACTS:

- Janusz and Jerzy were prying out bricks from a exterior doorway this morning around 10am.
- Jerzy has a lovely tiny dog which I would confidently call a daschund mixed with a chocolate poodle.
- The Tiny Dog is called Coco.
- Coco's toenails is painted bright pink.
- Coco's owner was drinking a 40 of Colt 45 while bashing away at bricks.
- I love Coco, Janusz, and especially Jerzy.

Delightful to be home.

* NOTE: I just ran into my friend Eugene who is Polish and he told me there was no war 40 years ago in Poland. The Tattoo remains a mystery.

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