Wednesday, September 10, 2008


With complete honesty I can say that my biggest fear is finding a tiny kitten abandoned in the evening and not being able to get kitten formula and an eyedropper before the next morning, and the kitten will die.

This scenario literally haunts me to the point where I have programed two numbers in my phone for 24 hour pet emergencies. If you want them:

Manhattan: Animal Medical Center- 212 838 8100
Brooklyn: Brooklyn Vet 24 hours- 718 748 5180

In other news:

My roommates intimidate me because the books they leave about the house are all extremely intelligent and literally. A book of general psychology sits balanced on the couch near my copy of Weird Al's Complete Video Collection. The Best American Short Stories Never Read is perched on my breakfast nook. A book analyzing Greek myths on my pile of Archie Comics by the toilet. It makde me feel mentally emasculated.

BUT THEN I realized that these books are not in my roommates' hands. They are not in their rooms, or by their beds. It is possible that these books are not being read AT ALL. As a rule of thumb, the further a book is from your bedroom, the least likely you are reading it.

Me feel better.

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