Wednesday, August 06, 2008


So its Aug 6th and it feels like Summer started for me this week. Becca and I "discovered" the Frying Pan Bar, I am covered in mosquito bites, and while the heat prevents me from being hungry for food, beer is looking awfully good! Summer in New York has never been my favorite, because of the whole impossible to get to the beach, thing (Manhattan and Long are the only two Islands I know in the world that I would describe as Land-Locked!), as well as the added fear of Montauk Monsters and rip tides, and random rain clouds bursts, I just feel like saying fuck it.

Fuck it.

Also, here is where I want to live:

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Sarah said...

I am covered in mosquito bites as well. They're all huge and awful and kept me up last night. Hanging out made it all worth it, though. Yay, summer!