Monday, August 11, 2008

TODAY IN HEADLINES: Its been a while!

Boycott planned against Ben Stiller comedy.
Apparently protesters finally watched some episodes of the Ben Stiller show and are trying to prevent further damage.

Lynne Spears' promised book has shaped up to be less of a parenting handbook and more of a juicy memoir of a Southern mother raising a pop star in the midst of paparazzi mayhem.
Now if that isn't making lemonades out of lemons I don't know what is. Delicious, exploitative, bordering on unfit mothery lemonade.

American Economic productivity growth slowed in spring

Jeez, really? Right when everyone was getting laid off and all the freelance work dried up? What a bunch of lazy bastards!

Md. woman sues state for right to massage horses.
Good lord, if thats the WORST someone wants to do to an animal in Maryland, I say let them! (note: how much better would that joke have been if it was West Virginia?! Damn.)

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