Thursday, June 05, 2008


So, I heard from my friend Bryan that there is a massive island of plastic floating between California and Hawaii. And it is TWICE THE SIZE OF TEXAS.


First of all, I have stopped using plastic bags from the super market as suggested by this video:

God I love that guy.

Anyway- I don't bring canvas bags per say- but I DO try stuff all my groceries in my small purse which means I often walk down the street with bunches of asparagus and boca burgers hanging out of my pockets. Keeps the crazies away!

And lately I've started getting my iced coffee to go in a a thermos I bring from home. And surprisingly I don't get mocked! You actually get money off! A $2 cup of ice coffee cost me only $1! A $3 iced americano was $1.25!! Wow! It's like I am helping the environment and saving money all at the same time!

I fucking hate that plastic island.


Shatraw said...

why don't we recycle it? it's just floating there?

if nothing else, the least we could do is blow it up.

Shatraw said...

oh, an re: the video...

"God I love that guy." - Phaea, 08

you hipster.