Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hey McDonald's, thanks for this:

It was a free chicken sandwich, south western style. I had to buy a diet coke along with it, but basically it was free. And really really tasty.

Hey Dunkin' Donut's, thanks for this:

As you can see I drank most of it already, because iced coffee is so good, especially when it is free. I want to thank the dudes on 8th ave who also forgot to charge me for that donut (not pictured), allowing me to jack it. Which makes me feel bad ass.

All in all, thanks for all the free stuff today guys. It was like you knew that I had a late night and needed a pick me up.

Lastly, thank you to my boyfriend for the creation of this:

All for free.


D. J. said...

As a Pomeranian myself, I am mildly offended by this vicious, borderline racist anti-Pomeranian campaign.

Unless that's a chow-chow, then it's fine.

Shatraw said...

i had the mcdonalds southern style chicken sandwich. they want it so bad to be chick-fil-a, but it's not. sadly, that particular sandwich recipe is so good (chicken, pickles, buttery bun) that it still works. in short, it will do in a pinch, but it ain't no chick-fil-a.

fact: any time i'm in atlanta, the first thing i do is immediately proceed to the nearest chick-fil-a, buy two sandwiches and a large sweet tea and proceed to forget all my troubles.