Tuesday, April 01, 2008


From obnoxious Tylenol ads in the subway telling me that bad posture causes headaches, to rumors that crossing one's legs causes spider veins, sitting at a computer all day is quite a threat to one's health. I have noticed in the past two days that sitting with my legs uncrossed, back straight, and both feet on the ground (aka the "Correct Way") causes me so much discomfort that tears actually well up in my eyes.

For true comfort I need to be bent over like a hunchback, legs crossed AT LEAST once, if not completely tucked under my body, elbows pressing down hard into the desk dislodging my shoulders, and as close to the shape of a ball or in vitro fetus as I can possible get. This leads me to believe that what sitting at a desk all day really makes my body want is to somehow roll away like a tumbleweed or retreat back in to the womb where I don't have to deal with PO's, spinal pain, or my guilt about not practicing the Alexander Technique every day. Which is a class I took in college about holding your neck in the right place. For a semester. I got an "A".

Computers, you will make my generation into a pack of albino hunchbacks who have lost all ability to speak in 20 years. We will have to just point at things that we want:


We will say.


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Anonymous said...

Keep up with the Alexander Technique - it really helps! Check out their website at http://alexandertechnique.com