Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today in Teeths:

Last night I had a dream where was working as a script doctor (!) and on my way to the office bathroom four of my teeth fell out. This is a classic stress dream (apparently money oriented stress), but the best part was my dream self couldn't figure out what to do. When your teeth fall out, do you go to the emergency room? It seems like you should go to a dentist, so pull out your insurance card and call to find a provider and then make an appointment? What if they were all booked up? Should I go to my PCP in Greenpoint? What if they are all booked up?

In the middle of all this dream stress the dream me had to go to the bathroom and there was a confusing moment when I had to wash my hands and my teeth were swirling around at the bottom on the sink and I was afraid fellow bathroom goers would be grossed out.

I still haven't solved the problem! What do you do if you teeth fall out????


D. J. said...

Try to read something. If you're illiterate, no big deal. If you can actually read, you're not dreaming and you should probably move to Quebec, where a sizable percentage of the under-50 population have false teeth. At some point the QC healthcare system was offering a discount for denture installation, so many people's dentists just yanked 'em all out if you had a few cavities. Vive la differance!

Anonymous said...

I actually think that if your teeth fall out in a dream, it's less money concern and more inner fear of growing old.