Thursday, March 20, 2008


We have suspected for many years that Japan is better then us, but today the AM New York gave us solid proof:

The government of Japan has created a special post- yes a GOVERNMENTAL POST- to promote animation. This cute little LOL cat is called Doraemon, is a robot, and is the official Japanese anime ambassador- I guess to the world? Or possible just 'toon town.

Face it America. They win.


tomemos said...

Oh, I've seen Doraemon before! Actually, I saw him on TV in Spain, so the whole thing was dubbed in Spanish. So I guess he already has the international credentials needed for a post like this.

Kablack said...

Yeah, as someone who has a degree in animation (well, almost), and works for an animation company, yes, the u.s. is shamefully apathetic towards its animating citizenry. Apparently Japan's all over this shit, The National Film Board of Canada has been helping fund independent animators for decades, and I'm pretty sure Wallace and Gromit wouldn't exist without some cockney grant or another. So there, America! Be a team player! Get on the horse!