Saturday, February 09, 2008



Its the greatest word in the English Language. I realized this whilst making some for breakfast the other day. Think about it, all "toast"'s meanings are delicious and delectable.

Toast, the food:
crispy warm bread that you can put butter or jam on! Amazing!
Toasty, the adjective: a word that recalls cuddling under afghans (blankets), or sitting by a fire with a lovely cup of something! Scruptious!
Toast, the verb: a) to offer praise to someone or something with a glass of something delicious! Even sarcastic and evil toasts are fun. (When I toast, I always say "To new beginnings...."in a voice laced with maleficence. I think I picked that up from "Clue" but I am not sure.) Favorable!
b) to make something crispy and warm, as in , actual toast! Remarkable!
Toasted, another adjective: To be smashed drunk off of glasses of something delicious!

The only off-putting version would be:

to be toast, slang: meaning that you are done, out, beaten, defeated, a failure etc. But is such a cute phrase, I can't hold anything against it.

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