Wednesday, February 20, 2008


If you don't know the G train here is the deal:

It is short.
It comes infrequently.
If you just missed one, you are in trouble.
People run like maniacs to make it.

If you don't know about me here is the deal:

I refuse to run for trains. No matter how dire the situation is I just can't bring myself to do it. Reasons: unknown.

The story:

I walked into the G train station and saw 40 feet down the platform that a G train had just arrived and let all its passengers off. People around be began to run towards the train, not wanting to miss it. I continued to stroll towards the train, who's doors had closed once and then shot back open. Passengers swirled all around me, crushing me against the wall, and leaving me behind as they ran for the train. I just kept on walking. The G train magically remained at the station, doors open. I stepped on cool as hipster and sat down among panting people trying to catch their breathe from the 40 foot sprint. This is the kind of incident that convinces me that I am truly better then most people. Reasons: unknown.

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