Friday, January 11, 2008


I don't know what it is about the elevator that makes certain people (mens) act like assholes but it seems to be a theme this week. Today I was in the 'vator with four ladies who one by one had held the door for each other, and then finally for this ugly guy in a suit who proceeded to stand in the door way, talk on his phone, and huff loudly every time we stopped on another floor. When it was finally just him and me (I am on the 16th, he the PH) he said to his phone buddy "I'm in the finally third of my commute! The Elevator! Cause it takes me another 10 min just to get up to the floor!! (imagine that in a shwarmy voice). I, being an asshole, laughed at him out loud for saying such a idiotic thing AND THE FUCKER THOUGHT I WAS LAUGHING WITH HIM!!! HE REPEATED THE JOKE FOR MY BENEFIT! "The last third of my commute! huh huh huh!" leaving me sad and disgruntled once more.

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Nanook said...

You needed to take that extra angry step and clarify that you were, indeed, laughing at him and his assholiness.
I bet when he sees you tommorow he starts making jokes about his long commute. Then you'll have to fake laugh/commiserate. "Yeah, right"? you'll say, cursing your lack of balls. You need to nip this in the bud.