Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I have no real plan so I am just going to think FREELY and type what my brains comes up with.

I am obsessed with this sketch I saw on Saturday night at the DOS show that was just dancing hysterically to a bebopp song. I feel like this sketch is a person and I love that person and I know that I can never have that person. It hurts.

I have been an asshole all day in terms of letting people get off and on the train, cutting people off while walking and blantently not holding the elevator for people.

Last night I wanted to write something but I played Mario 3 with my roommate Dolan instead.

I tried to wake up at 740 but because I woke up with my foot burning on the heater at the end of my bed (which has been spitting out water all over my room) i felt bad for myself and let me sleep until 807 and then after I showered I watched an episode of peep show instead of hopping to getting dressed and then I was 15 min late for work, which really isn't that bad.

Here is a video from Sat. night:

Delusions of Spandex Opening!

and this is part that goes after it:


Whatever. What else? Too many onions in my tuna sandwich!!! No one to blame but myself.

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