Tuesday, December 04, 2007


phaeatown: I am going to eat a week old donut that DOES NOT belong to me.
DrZaius234: phaea. don't do it.
phaeatown: i am!!!
DrZaius234: phaea.
DrZaius234: don't
phaeatown: i took a bite.
phaeatown: its not great.
DrZaius234: please
DrZaius234: stop
phaeatown: it was in the fridge so it might not be poison.
DrZaius234: it will hurt you
phaeatown: it feels weird. the second bite was better...

phaeatown: i don't even want to tell you how badly this is going.
phaeatown: there is donut everywhere.
DrZaius234: i have a pretty good idea.
DrZaius234: it can't end well.
phaeatown: its not going to. it was a powdered cinnamon donut but a week in the fridge made the cinnamon like a shield and its breaking off in chunks in my keyboard.
DrZaius234: i tried helping you
phaeatown: oh god.
DrZaius234: i warned ya
phaeatown: its not getting better even though the donut is decreasing in size.
DrZaius234: you're still eating it, huh?
phaeatown: yes.
phaeatown: it has apple in it.
phaeatown: cold cold apple.
DrZaius234: i'm not sure you'll make it out of this one alive. it's been reallygreat being friends with you.
phaeatown: ok the donut is gone. We should wait a minute and see what happens.
DrZaius234: i'm too afraid. i can't bear it.
DrZaius234: bare it?
DrZaius234: hmmm...
phaeatown: hmmmm....
phaeatown: I like bear. Also- still alive. Donut accomplished.
DrZaius234: it could be a sleeper cell donut. it might commit acts of terrorism in your intestines
phaeatown: Oh shit.
phaeatown: I didn't think of that

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Shatraw said...

day two:

colleague X opens the refrigerator. sees donut is gone. thinks:

"someone ate that donut?"