Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Jury selected in `Sopranos' plot dispute
We can sue show creators for bad TV?! Because I still have a bone to pick with "Grace Under Fire."

Charges against Shia LaBeouf are dropped.
Walgreen's took pity on him after finding out the title of the new Indian Jones movie would be: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Yarg.

LONDON (Reuters) - Turning off a sex "switch" triggered when female insects mate may be a smart and green way of controlling pests in future.
In a heated debate over this controversy Dr, Henry Wu asks chaotician Dr. Ian Malcolm "You're implying that a group composed entirely of female animals will... breed?" Argues Malcolm,"No, I'm simply saying that life, uh... finds a way." He later adds. "Now eventually you might have dinosaurs on your, on your dinosaur tour, right? Hello? yes?" and gets Dr. Hammond really pissy.

Romney: Attacks on religion go too far.
For once I agree! Lets get off the man's religion, and concentrate on the real issue: his evil.

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