Wednesday, December 12, 2007


As many of you may know/are already bored with, I just came back from a splendid trip to Chicago. Tim, Megan and I drove there. Yes, drove. Here is a run down of the first day.

Megan and I met Tim in Hoboken at 7am. He had a box of Joe and a box of donuts, which are the two best kinds of boxes. We drove towards Pennsylvania.

We were happy. In music world: Tim likes to listen to Phish a lot, I like the Scissor Sisters, and Megan loves Coheed and Cambria. Things might have become tense, but we stopped for some burgers in Pennsylvania and everything was OK.

In Clintonville, PA we suddenly came to stand still behind a bunch of trucks. It later became clear that all of 80 had been shut down and we were all being hustled off an exit down a dirt road. We still don't know what happened but we didn't move for an hour and a half and we learned to hate truckers because even if there is a ton of space in front of them on a backed up high way they don't move up because they try to "corral" the cars behind them. Reasons: unknown.

This is NOT a picture of the traffic, as there are incoming trucks clearly visible, but it basically looked like this for 90 minutes:

The best thing that came out of this adventure was the brilliant idea to assign each other nick names based on a confusing exit signs. They are:

Tim = Tangerine Wesley
Phaea = Olive Harvey
Megan = Booth Tarkington

Finally we reached Ohio, which is not as great as it sounds, despite seeing a sign for a road called "Fangboner". We heard that the trucks stops in Indiana (the last state before glorious Illinois) were horrible and so we stopped for dinner at the last place in Ohio, which had needle deposits in the bath room and offered us raw carrots and frozen pizza with turd sausage on it.

Pretty soon we crossed in to Indiana, which is not a good state, espcially for dentist (will explain later). The sun had set and we had been in the car for 12 hours. I loved it, but then again, I don't drive. I stare out the window and think about making out with people.

Two hours later (1030pm) we arrived in Megan's part of Chicago. A East side neighborhood called Beverly. We hung out with her family (who didn't know she was coming!) and had some wine. Then we passed out, prepared to hit the city hard in the morning. be continued!


natalie said...

why you dumping on indiana man? That's good people!

Phaea C. said...

The people I didn't see, the flat darkness and disturbing ads for fire crackers ever ten feet...I did!