Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Here are two things that I hate about myself:

1) The fact that we only have one cake of soap in my apartment's bathroom which means I have to keep moving it from the lip of the tub to the soap container on the sink depending on what I need to wash, makes me insanely furious. Its like the worst part of my life and I keep thinking about it and getting angry.

2) I know I should switch to gmail because its sooo amazing, but I am scared to do it. I don't really know where the fear comes from...whether a real premonition of danger or just fear of change/success/failure....a loss of identity...will people still love me if I am phaeatown@gmail.com? Just looking at that address spelled out fills me with horror. I am recoiling from my computer. And dry heaving.

I think I need a hobby or a boyfriend.

Hmmm! That made me dry heave too!


Shatraw said...

boyfriends are your crack.

natalie said...

Remember when you would yell at me about my hair in the shower drain?