Monday, December 17, 2007

aka yes she's still talking about this

It was a cold and grey Monday morning and we all woke up with visions of beef sandwiches in our head from Johnny's- a much loved beef stand of Megan's. We began preparing for our day when all of a sudden Megan got a phone call from her Moms. Tim and I watched as the conversation became tense and prepared our selves for the bad news we were sure was to come. And here it Anyway:

There was a horrible ice storm coming that night which would continue into the next morning (AKA when we were preparing to drive home.)with 100 percent chance of ice chips and the "weather authorities" were strongly suggesting no one drive.


So we reacted like responsible adults and decided to 1) Get beef sandwiches 2) Finally throw out the box of frozen donuts from the car and 3) leave a day early.

Because of the lateness of our departure we ran in to trouble/exhaustion around 9pm in Pennsylvania, IE the very tip of it. We knew we weren't going to make it all night and so we decided to spend the night at a cheap motel ($60!), maybe catch some bed bugs, and then enjoy our last day of vacation in beautiful Kutztown, PA:

Ah, Kutztown. Here is Megan enjoying a bustling main street:

Here is Tim in front of his favorite diner ever, Letterman's. In Kutztown.

and here is the omelet that Tim ordered at Letterman's diner. It was so grand it almost deserves a blog on its own.

Then we drove home. And I have been depressed ever since.

Happy Holidays!!!

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Megan said...

I have also been depressed ever since, shuffling around like a spectre and dreaming of beef. Luckily I'm going back on Sunday! Happy Birthday Jesus!