Friday, December 21, 2007


Ah Christmas. The time of year that I lug a huge bag onto the train and smack everyone I can with it whilst standing in everyone Else's way. Ah Christmas. The only time I would ever come close to actually smacking a tourist just because of their stupid faces. Ah Christmas. I hope to eat enough cookies when I get home to Boston as to go into a sugar induced coma for the rest of the year becoming conscious long enough to catch an episode of Ghosthunters before slipping away again into dream land.

Here is a joke my brain wrote in my sleep this morning:

"Lies: a wish your heart makes, when your fast-back peddling."

I thought that was pretty good, old brain. Pretty, pretty good.

See you all in a week or so!

Here is my favorite Tim and Eric:

Merry Christmas.

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