Monday, November 12, 2007


At work we share a floor with two other companies, which includes the kitchen. When the last company moved in they brought with them a water cooler, a coffee maker, paper cups. coffee beans, teas and plates, spoons and forks. My company took this as an invitation to share (shared kitchen etc) and happily gulped down glass after glass of water until one day we walked in and...they had taken their cooler away. Not to be discouraged we begin filling up their paper coffee cups with tap water until...they first switched to cheaper, smalled cups, and then finally, did away with cups completely. And for added measure...they took away spoons as well. So today I tapped into the milk (two days expired) with my cereal (in their bowl- my spoon). We'll see how far these bastards go. I want to make they get rid of their coffee maker to spite us. And then they don't get coffee. HA! Bastards.


Abbi said...

Is it going too far to make a hat out of their filters? Just wear it all day and hang out in the kitchen. Lean against the sink, look the enemy in the eye and take a slooow sip of coffee.

Shatraw said...

i suggest sabotage. active sabotage.

or use their baking soda to make a volcano.