Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have had a really long ass day. Here is how it went:

1) Worked my "production job" from 9:30am-6:15pm.
2) Interned at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre for the Time Out New York Aproved! Stand up show (saw Tim Minchin, who we should all know/worship) and the beginning of the Longest Sketch Show from 6:30pm-12am.
3) Took the E train down to Spring St. and walked west to Greenwich St where I met my friend Tim at his buddy's apartment.
4) Dance party 12:30-2am.
5) Slept in giant king size temporpedic bed from 2am-5am.
6) Arrived at the UCB at 5:45am in preparation for our 6:45am slot in the Sketch Fest.
7) Performed sketches for 3 audience members.
8) Drank 3 (three) miller lights in the Chill Out room of the theatre with Tim, Becca, Melissa, Lee, and Stephanie (you may not know them...but you should) 7am-8am
9) Drove with Tim to New Jersey and stopped at the Oakland diner for Taylor ham slices and omelettes 8:30am-9:30am.
10) Arrive at Tim's house and napped 10am-1pm.
11) Watched "football" 1pm-1:30pm.
12) Drove to Dunkin' Donuts and enjoyed a chocolate with sprinkles while worked on a writing project with Tim and watching cops get free coffee 2pm-3:45pm.
13) Arrived back at Tim's, showered, prepared for "party" with "horseshoes". 4pm-4:49pm.
14) Is now. And its not OVER!!!!!


Shatraw said...

ah quit your complaining. at lest you have a life. i've just been refreshing your blog for the last 24 hours (once every three minutes, in case you were wondering -- and YES, i have a timer.)

Phaea C. said...

Ah quit YOUR complaining! And update YOUR BLOG!!