Friday, November 16, 2007


Last night was one of those nights where we seemed to be hampered at every turn. Tim and I were determined to write write write but instead we ended up eating pizza, drinking whiskey, and getting shut out of bars. So hampered.

As a last ditch effort to save the evening we headed up to the UCB Theatre to catch the 930 show, what ever it happened to be. And what it happened to be was THE DAVE HILL EXPLOSION! which is a variety show ish show with a guest. Dave Hill is pretty awesome/hilarious so we walked in feeling pretty good about the turn of events.

And then this happened:

1) Dave Hill sang the Dave Hill Explosion theme song which included a soap machine, paper snaps, smashing a sugar glass bottle, and breaking 20 plates on stage. Awesome.
2) Lady Bunny, the guest (and outrageous drag queen blah blah blah) who the entire audience watched hop out of a cab and walk into the theatre as we waited in line, saw all this, deemed the show too "dangerous", and then WALKED OUT.
3) Dave Hill now had 45 minutes to fill with no guest and no material.
4) A girl (not called Amanda) and two small dogs joined him on stage. They talked a bit.
5) Dave talked with us about possibly playing a video again that we had seen before. Then we did.
6) Another plate got broken.
7) The show ended.

All through this, The douche in front of us (who from the beginning was voicing his hope that Dave would start doing "something funny" and "get an act", while loudly reminding his friends that he had snuck in without paying.) took the lack of guest to be a free-for-all of shouting out things in hilarious accents, including the Germanesque: "Down with Scaffolding! Its bad for your health." while continuing to chide Dave for not "having an act." What a genius heckler!

At the end Tim and I left feeling as though we had either: finally experienced a true comedy experiment or were being punished for something we hadn't been aware we had done. Maybe it was for that time we walked out on a comedy show with out paying. Or skipped class to watch the Red Sox. Or killed that hobo for his sneakers.

Only time will tell.

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