Friday, October 12, 2007


1) I walked into the E train station in Long Island City to see a middle aged business man in a physical fight with an aging punk dude with a ring through his nose, high school pushing/shoving style. People were screaming and two other guys pulled them apart. The punk guy shouted "You're stupid! You're dumb!" as passerbys handed the business man his blackberry and expensive umbrella.

2) This IM converstaion between me and my buddy Justin (with whom I am attending a wedding in a few weeks):

phaeatown: insert daily complaint about work
drzaius234: insert reply of empathy and further complaint
phaeatown: insert slightly provocative joke referring to up coming nuptials
drzaius234: insert slightly more provocative comment about hotel rooms
phaeatown: insert cold comment which suggests you've taken things too far
drzaius234: insert backtracking, inquiry about weekend plans
phaeatown: insert exciting and even more provocative comment about being all alone and needing some one tall to help me lay some carpet

(seconds pass)

phaeatown: insert awkward statement claiming that was a joke because of your length in response time
drzaius234: insert statement about being in multiple conversations causing delay, as well as complexity of convention
phaeatown: insert embarrassed and understanding statement
drzaius234: insert smarmy comment about laying carpet being a specialty
phaeatown: insert shock and disgust and address: 54 India St Apt 2
phaeatown: and scene!

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Shatraw said...

hey, thattuns me in that conversator! hu haw... i'm on the innernets! cain't wait to tell ma folx back home.