Monday, October 08, 2007

TODAY IN FOUR A DAY: the late addition
(which means I just grab the head line and don't read the articles)

Mila Kunis says Culkin cooks every night
Oh YARG I don't want to know that! Oh...unless she means he physically cooks
meals... then I just don't give a shit. Why are we talking about this?

Red Sox Sweep Angels.
It's that special time of year when Bostonians are obnoxiously cocky for a reason: because their team won. Soon to be followed by that special time of year when they are just obnoxiously cocky: the rest of it.

Britain to half troop contingent in Iraq.
They're still there!? They've been there the whole time?! People, this must have been the problem!!

Urine as fertilizer?
That's the answer Britney gave when the paparazzi asked her why she was sitting in that potted palm tree in the Four Seasons Hotel. Oh!!!!!!! Burn!!!!!

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