Tuesday, August 21, 2007


When I was 11 or so my family got cable tv (wooot!!!) primarily for Comedy Central (no MTV watching 'tween, I) and primarily for two shows: "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" and "Whose Line is it Anyway". These two shows were extremely important to me and I would tape episodes and watch the dubs until they melted. One copy of "Whose Line" was so old that every one's voices lowered in an octave. That tape featured Greg Proops, Tony Slattery, Ryan Styles, and Colin Mockery. The dream line up. I watched it about 1000 times and would quote it often and out of context, confusing my peers who already thought I was a little off.

Well, as off as I was (read:am) I was certainly rewarded last night as Greg Proops made a guest appearance at Crash Test, the last show on Monday night during my internship at the UCB! His set was fine, vaguely political with AMAZING act outs of stupid Americans, and the crowd was stoked.

Afterwards, I found my self in the back hallway of the theatre dragging huge bags of watery trash to their final resting place, when I looked up and saw Greg Proops coming at me! He smiled and said "Hi." and I said "nice set!" and then he said "thanks!" and then he bent over and picked up his PBR that was sitting near the trash pile. Then I ran away.

It was awesome. And also, he drinks PBR. Wooot!!!

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