Saturday, August 18, 2007


Last night's out and aboutness had reached the point where I no longer cared to be on the G train, so I set off to find a nice car service to drive me home to Astoria. Everyone knows that car services are a worst case scenerio choice because they consistantly overcharge. The worst example of this was the the ten blocks I needed to travel from the unsafe part of queens that the catering van had dropped me off in (to avoid having to go all the way to Manhattan and then ride the train all the way back), to the safe street where there was a couch waiting for me to sleep on. The Price: $20.

Last night I had my wits about me to make sure the driver didn't screw me over. Before we left I heard his boss tell him to charge me $15 (ouch) and so I made sure when we arrived in Queens 40 seconds later, that he charged me no more then that by yelling "FIFTEEN DOLLARS RIGHT? HERE'S A 20! I'LL TAKE 5 BACK!!!". It was at that minute that I realized that I never considered a tip, in the slightest, ever.

Here is my question, and its a serious one: Do I have to tip these fuckers? Does the over charge somehow over compensate for it? 'Cause driver looked pissed when I took my $5 and ran. But COME ON $15?? From Greenpoint to Astoria??? I can't tell if I should feel bad or justified. Somebody tell me please!

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