Monday, July 30, 2007


As some of you might know, I have a really bad earwax problem. Doctors usually get pissed off at me when they look in my ear. "You have an lot of earwax!" they scream. And I feel bad about it, but don't necessarily think its my fault. Its just annoying to them because they can't see into my canal (or what ever they are checking for when they look in your ears...spores or cobwebs or microchips or whatever.) So one PA called Neil Grossman finally sat me down and instructed me to pour hydrogen peroxide in each ear and lay on my side for 20 min. TWENTY MINUTES!!!??? Who has time for that! And that's EACH SIDE! We are looking at 40 min of laying down and not moving or doing anything! That's called sleep. So anyway, after two years I finally found some time last night.

If you pour hydrogen Peroxide in your ear it makes a popping noise super loudly and itches like all get out. You start to think that maybe pouring things in your ears ISN'T the best idea in the world. But hey, Neil Grossman is a PA right? He would know!

So I woke up this morning almost completely deaf in one ear. Not just deaf like when you have a head cold and you can't hear your own voice that well, but deaf like deaf. Like Justin at work says something along the lines of "Did that guy from the Casino get back to you?" and you slug him for calling you an asshole.

Lesson learned: Never do anything that doctors tell you.

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