Monday, July 18, 2011


Often when I'm picking out a Gap tank top to match my Old Navy shorts I wonder what it would be like if this was the outfit that I was forced to flee for my life in because of the pending apocalypse/zombie attack/Russo-German air raids. Is this an outfit I could survive in?

Obviously, the outfit in questions needs to stand up to all kinds of weather. So layers, surely. I could match my pink spaghetti strap number with my teal 3/4 boat neck American Apparel sweat shirt and toss a heavy coat into a shoulder bag. But what about my legs? Pants are the obvious choice -- but I really over heat in the summer and I assume that we'd be fleeing to warmer climates. This is really tricky. The perfect choice would obviously be linen pants, but in lieu of that my purple Calvin Klein stretch trousers would do in a pinch. I could roll them up in the heat and roll them down in the cold! 

But then I would be dressed in pink, purple and teal. Too 80s? 

Then there's the shoes!! If I'm going to be walking for hundreds of miles I need socks, that's all there is to it. And although sneakers are the smart choice, I think I'd pick my Clark's mocassins because they are cushy and form fitted. Also, they allow some ventilation when I reach my theoretical hot destination. 

The hardest thing would be which bra to go with. The tank top I selected has a built in bra shelf but it's certainly not enough support for me. But I don't want to be flashy. No one wants to be flashy while fleeing! So I think I'll go with my blue semi-padded Tommy Hilfiger number. 

This is all dependent on me actually having time to think about what I was wearing before I had to flee with my dog (on leash) and my cat (also on leash). I assume my husband would be with me too. 

If I had to flee at this moment I would be wearing a flowering tank top with no bra,  cruddy work out shorts and fit flops.

Totally my second choice. 

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